Decorative Facings

Realwood Veneers

•Veneer Cutting

There are a number of different ways in which hardwood veneer may be cut from the log. Depending on the manner in which a log is cut, strikingly different visual effects can be achieved with the wood's grain and characteristics. This is the beauty of working with hardwood veneer - that two logs of the same species, cut in different ways, produce distinctive, individual veneers! Of the available veneer cutting methods, the most commonly used are Crown, Quarter and Rotary cutting.


•Veneer Matching

There are varieties of veneer matching techniques available to the purchaser. Each method produces a very specific pattern, visual effect and finished appearance ranging from the casual to the formal. In some cases a symmetrical pattern is created, in others the pattern is random and creates the illusion that boards have been used. Below are some standard techniques, however other techniques can be employed to produce individual designs. Veneers to double doors are made to form matching pairs.


Book Matching


Alternating pieces of veneer from a flitch are turned over, so that adjacent leaves are "opened" as two pages in a book.


Slip Matching


Adjoining leaves are slipped out in sequence, with all the same-face sides being exposed.